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With high oil content and usefulness as a break crop in rotations, OSR (Canola) is a very popular crop here in the United Kingdom. During this period in the summer, seed pods are rapidly developing, growing from 10% of their total size to 90% during GS7. Monitoring your post flowering ratios is key to maximising your yields when it comes to harvest.

Image: Pods starting to develop in the OSR crops at Drone Ag HQ

We have been covering OSR for a number of months now, and here in the UK we are getting into the final growth stages of the season, leading up to desiccation and harvest. Flower petals have dropped off as crops are fully underway with pod set. This is the main stage in the crop’s development when the seeds begin to fill. Skippy Scout helps you monitor variability across your crops during these later growth stages. Take a look at the example report below.

Image: Skippy Scout report offers insight into various post flowering ratios

Post flowering ratios give you an accurate report of the interplaying pod development, ripening and senescence ratios of your OSR. Enabling you to monitor and manage your crop, decide on key timings and spraying regimes.

These ratios are calculated using the high-resolution images Skippy captures and artificial intelligence. A report on your field can be generated just minutes after a flight.

Image: Skippy Scout report with high-resolution image and AI view

Within each pod, a central inner wall creates two compartments. The seeds develop in a row within each compartment. Once seeds have expanded to fill the pod cavity, ripening (of pods and seeds) starts. At first the seeds are soft and green (GS80). Seeds then turn brown and, at maturity, become hard and black. The crop continues to ripen, while leaves and stems start to senesce. The crop is classed as fully ripe when nearly all (>90%) pods are ripe/seeds are dark and hard.

Skippy Scout provides growers with comprehensive reports that enhance decision-making, which can lead to increased yields and cost savings. By leveraging Skippy Scout’s capabilities, growers can effectively oversee their oilseed rape crops, thereby maximizing their potential for achieving optimal yields and quality.

Skippy Scout emerges as a reliable and efficient solution for OSR management, surpassing the limitations of satellites. Satellites often face challenges such as cloud cover, image resolution, and the rapidly changing flowering process, making them unreliable and infrequent in delivering up-to-date and dependable data.

With Skippy Scout, growers can access timely and precise crop information, ensuring better protection whenever needed. Wanting to experience the benefits for yourself? Contact us today to get a free month trial.

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