The Results

Using Skippy Scout

135 kg/ha of Nitrogen

£94.50 per hectare

Using RB209
220 kg/ha of Nitrogen
£154 per hectare


Last season, Andrew managed to save one of his farmers £60 per ha in one field of OSR by using Skippy Scout. He did this by doing some soil mineral nitrogen tests to find out the true value of the nitrogen that was left in the soil by the previous crop. He then used Skippy Scout to get the GAI values from the crop at different points in the field. These could then be used to apply nitrogen variably or could be used to create an average application for the whole field.

In this instance Andrew created an average application for the farmer to apply to each field due to Skippy Scouts “Crop Uniformity” reading. This reading gives growers an insight into how evenly their crop is growing and if variable rate is in fact needed or whether an average is sufficient. In this instance the crop uniformity was 91%.

Skippy Scouts crop-only GAI readings, run through Andrews Agrii N calculator, gave a recommended total rate of £154/ha, giving savings of over £60/ha versus RB209 SNS 1 recommendations. Crop yield was still close to average at 3.46 tonnes/ha.

*based on average Nitrogen prices in 2022


Nitrogen Saved




Average Yield