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OSR crops are ahead again for the second year running and it is important to keep the momentum going whilst applying the correct amount of nitrogen. For crops which are behind, higher rates of nitrogen may be required to help them grow again in the spring.

Pete Berry, Head of Crop Physiology at ADAS said in the Farmers Weekly OSR webinar “There is a lot of scope this year to fine tune our nitrogen applications and still maintain productivity”.

Optimum nitrogen allocation is possible using Skippy Scout, and now is a good time to start assessing crops and planning how much nitrogen is required. Using Skippy Scout’s inbuilt nitrogen recommendations, you can make accurate, informed decisions on how and where to best apply nitrogen on your OSR. The information you are provided with will allow you to make quick decisions on variable rate or flat rate directly from your phone.

Edwin Nichols, Drone Systems Lead, said “Skippy provides better ground-truthing and more accurate GAI results when compared with other systems. Unlike satellite imagery, our GAI is crop only, by discounting weeds our reporting provides more accurate nitrogen recommendations”.

Photo: Recommended N

We will be running spring refresher sessions remotely to help with your Scouting. The sessions will be run by Alex & Edwin, and will be a good chance to ask any questions and improve your skills. 

Please fill out the form to register your interest and we will be in touch. 

The AHDB have a helpful OSR growth guide which can be used to compare with your Skippy Scout report – AHDB – Oilseed rape growth guide

Get in touch with us to find out how Skippy can help you to make accurate decisions on your nitrogen distribution.  

*Please note that we still advise you to consult with your agronomist before making decisions on your crops.

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