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How Skippy Scout Works

We automate your affordableoff-the-shelfeasy-to-use drone, with a simple app.

Setup, Fly, Report

You’ll be up and running in minutes

Setup Sign-up, download and activate the app.

Then add your fields.

It takes a few minutes per field. We can import fields for you too!


Fly Go to a field, power up your drone.

Launch the app and hit ‘fly now’

Cover up to 4 hectares per minute, 20x faster than walking.


Report The app auto-uploads your data

Get your field overview ‘Scout Sphere’ and Report

It takes minutes to get a report and its easy to share.


Skippy is a mobile app that can be downloaded for use on a smartphone.
Skippy will automatically fly your drone to selected points in a field and send you high resolution, leaf level images.
Then Skippy analyses the captured images and sends you a field report, with % healthy crop, unhealthy crop, weeds and insect damage.
The whole process takes minutes, not hours.
You will need:

With Skippy and a low cost drone, you will save time and gain more, useful information.

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