How Skippy Scout Works

Setup, Fly, Report

You’ll be up and running in minutes

Skippy is a mobile app that can be downloaded for use on a smartphone. For a monthly fee, starting at £30 for a single user, you can download the app. By importing maps, you can choose points in fields you want to view.

Skippy will automatically fly your drone to these points and send you high resolution, leaf level images. 

Then Skippy analyses the captured images and sends you a field report, with % healthy crop, unhealthy crop, weeds and insect damage.

You will need:
  • iPhone or iPad
  • A DJI drone (which one?)
  • The Skippy Scout App

1 Setup

  • Sign-up, activate and add your first field*, it takes 5 minutes
  • Get satellite maps or import your own, then use them to mark areas of interest to scout in detail

*we can also import fields for you

2 Fly

  • Covers an average of 2 hectares in 1 minute
  • Skippy flies your drone*, 10x faster than walking, capturing highly detailed, close-up images of those areas

*buy a drone package from £550 – here

3 Report

  • Images of the areas available immediately
  • Plant counts, % cover, weeds and damage report generated within minutes*
  • Reports emailed anywhere, immediately

*Cereals, OSR, Potatoes, Peas and Beans + we’re adding new crops all the time