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Learn how to use a drone

to scout & map your crops

Learn how to use a drone to scout & map your crops

  • Comprehensive, 60 page guide
  • Learn how mapping & scouting with drones works
  • Advice on which drone & what software to buy

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    Learn about:

    01. Flight

    Learn how automated flight turns your drone into a useful farm tool.

    We’ll cover what drones are best, and what software you need to map and scout your fields.

    Start using:

    02. Crop Monitoring

    The guide covers how mapping and scouting crops with drones works, learn best best practices and efficient workflows.

    We also cover green area index, variable rates and ground truthing.


    03. Measurement Tools

    Beyond look at crop health, drones can be used for measurements, opening up a world of useful tools.

    The guide covers use cases such as measuring margins, damage inspection, flooding and building surveys.

    60 pages on drones for farming

    Checklists, best practices & step-by-step walk-throughs

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