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Fast, efficient, automated field reports

Here’s an example report for 3 OSR fields we scouted last week:

How it works
Skippy Scout s an app uses your phone to fly your drone, collecting data at key points in your field.
Then it creates field reports on crop health, problems and progress, in minutes, for just £30 /month.

1 Field Overview

Get satellite maps or import your own,
then use them to mark areas of interest to scout in detail

2 Scout Field

Skippy flies your drone, 5x faster than walking,
capturing highly detailed, close-up images of those areas

3 Field Report

Images of the areas available immediately,
plus plant counts, % cover, weeds and damage report generated within minutes

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Try Skippy Scout Now, Its Free

Use code ‘FreeTrial’ to get one month free, then £30 per month // Need a drone? We’ve got that covered too…

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