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Welcome to Skippy V2.5

Skippy Scout now provides a complete crop scouting solution, from initial field overview via satellite data or your own imported maps, through to fast, automated drone flight and image collection, to the new image analysis and field reporting system.

  1. Field Overview – Get satellite maps or import your own maps, and use them to mark areas of interest to scout in detail
  2. Automated Scouting – The core Skippy system will fly the drone to each area of interest, now 10x faster than walking, to capture highly detailed, close-up images of those areas
  3. Field ReportOur Image analysis system takes only minutes after the flight completes to kick into action and generate a full field report.

Also in this version

  • Data sync – if you move device, your data will restore
  • Faster flight
  • Mavic Mini support
  • Much improved flight for the Mavic Pro v1 and Mavic Air drones

If you already have Skippy Scout, please update to version 2.5.

Up to date Satellite Crop Health Data

For users on the unlimited tier, up to date satellite health maps will automatically appear as layers on your fields in Skippy Scout. Updated regularly, these maps can guide where you need to scout, from areas of very high growth early season (probably weeds – scout to check) or areas of low biomass (missed planting? – scout to count plants), to areas of low growth, or poor health later in season (scout to check for disease or lack of nutrients).

Automated Image Analysis

Using the highly detailed, close-up images Skippy captures with the drone. Our system analyses the images to count plants, measure healthy crop cover vs weed cover and damaged crop and can also recognise insect damage. 

Detection examples:

  • % healthy crop
  • % weeds
  • Plants per sqm
  • % unhealthy crop – disease or nutrient deficiency
  • Insect damage present (holes in leaves)

Measurements available vary by crop type and time of year (early season plant counting is replaced by crop cover %/GAI later in season). With OSR, Wheat, Barley, Potatoes and Beans/Peas being supported.


PDF reports are then generated based on the analysis and satellite data. These provide an easy-to-understand overview of the whole field, as well as a break down per area of interest. Over time the reports will also begin to build a picture of changes/crop progress over time, as well as benchmarking against your other fields of the same crop. 

Reports are typically generated within 5 mins of a drone flight, and are shared by email with your selected contacts.

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